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DIY Succulent Arrangements


  • Soil- As long as your pot has proper drainage, anything you have laying around will work. My go-to when I have nothing left in my nursery pots is Kellogg Patio Plus

  • Pick your starting point, left or right of center. Because the plants used in this arrangement are around the same size you don’t have to be too picky.

  • Succulents like to be packed together tight! This makes for beautifully knit together arrangements with future little offsets fighting for their space amongst the other succulents.

  • Working with cuttings is a lifesaver when planting close together! It also helps slow down the growth, keeping your arrangement fresher, longer. Avoid watering fresh cuttings for about a week. That way they are able to callus and you don’t have to worry about root rot.

  • Fill in every hole possible! There is nothing more gross than seeing dirt in your arrangement. If you don’t have enough plants, you can get top dressing from your local rock yard or Pea Pebbles from home improvement stores. Both options are inexpensive

  • Make sure to have a variety of textures and colors that play off one another for a party-stopping arrangement.

  • Important note- typically, awesome succulent varieties like these can only tolerate morning sun in warmer climates. If you see sunburn starting to form, provide protection and maybe an extra drink during the week to make their leave supple. Be careful to avoid over-watering because they will get pissed at you and DIE





Dairy Free Starbucks Dupe

I don’t know about you but jumping in the car everyday to go to Starbucks isn’t as easy as it use to be. When I found out my child had a dairy allergy, My favorite Bullet Proof coffee with my beloved butter was no longer an option. After a very long morning of tears, blows outs and melt downs I rummaged through my fridge and came up with this concoction.



1 Kcup your choice of flavor ( I like Vanilla nut)

Few drops of Hazelnut sugar free Coffee Enhancer

1 Teaspoon Silk Almond Sweet & Creamy Creamer

1/4 cup Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk or Pecan MALK Organics nut milk

Sprinkle of cinnamon



Fill glass with ice all the way to the top, pour all other ingredients, stir and top with cinnamon.


Mommy Strawberry Lemonade

This cold, sweet, tangy adult beverage is sure to make any warm summer night even better after bedtime.

*DISCLAIMER If you are Breastfeeding maybe sit this one out


2oz Citron Vodka

1oz Triple Sec

1oz Fresh Strawberry Puree*

1/4oz Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice



Fill cocktail shaker with ice & all ingredients, then shake. Strain into a glass, then garnish with lemon peel.

If your kids took it easy on you today, top with a splash of soda or sprite.

If not and it’s really been a rough one, skip the soda/sprite, don’t strain the drink, just pour over ice and chug.


*Fresh Organic Strawberry Puree

1 pint organic strawberries

2 tablespoon organic raw honey

Cut up washed strawberries and add to a blender or Vitamix with honey and blend until smooth. Store in glass bottle in the refrigerator for up to a week




Top Newborn Essentials

*Disclaimer the baby is alive……It was nap time & this is why the blog is called A Mommy Blog on Borrowed Time


We received a lot of baby products as presents but we also purchased a lot of items they we were not sure would be a  good fit. These items through trial and error are our top winners so far. Links below for purchase.







Hayden Presley Nursery Tour



Picture this:

You’re 6 months pregnant, just bought your first home, and there’s a small, empty bedroom, perfect for a nursery. You’ve been pinning on Pinterest more than any normal person could ever handle. All the baby excitement has you overwhelmed with joy and grand, show-stopping nursery ideas.
Then, insert Boring, Practical Husband, standing over your shoulder, reminding you, “Um… we only have a $1200 budget.”

What’s a girl with a new mortgage ever to do!?



$1200 wasn’t going to stand in the way of my Pinterest Dream Nursery. Being someone that has always been able find stylish deals on a small budget, I was up for the challenge. While I’ve enjoyed DIY projects in the past, let’s be real, between having bouts of vertigo, stress, and exhaustion, DIY wasn’t going to happen. I was going to have to dig really deep for deals. I was very fortunate to receive a lot of  the small items as gifts.

I wanted the room to be cozy and yet modern, with a little touch of femininity. When it came to the changing table, I knew it had to be practical and something that would leave most items within reaching distance. Of course, an oversized nursing chair was must, so that was my one splurge.



It turned out exactly how I wanted. Click on links listed below for purchase.



10 Things about Gestational Diabetes

Week 26:

“Hello… I’m calling from Dr. Angela’s office and we have some news… you have diabetes.”

Um, what?!

In complete shock, I call my husband, crying. How could they call and tell me that? I was eating a decently clean diet, working out 5-6 days a week and had only gained 15 lbs at the time.

They must have called the wrong person or mixed up the blood vials.

Long story short — they didn’t.

I had failed 4 different tests on top of a family history of diabetes — my father and grand grandfather were both type 2.

After my panic spiral down the rabbit hole of internet research and aggressive questioning of my doctor, here are some facts I learned for all you mamas-to-be.

1. Diabetes IS NOT a death sentence.

2. IT IS 100% genetics.

3. Food and exercise do not always play a part.

4. Testing 4-5 times a day is annoying, be ready to get a 2nd mortgage on your house to buy test strips

5. I’m now convinced fingers actually run out of blood.

6. I could eat a jar of fudge BUT NOT a Quiznos sandwich or half a pancake.

7. Some mamas-to-be can either spike because of just carbs OR just sugars. So figure out which asap so your not miserable 24/7!

8. Set your timer the minute you stop eating for testing purposes, then be the strongest women ever and don’t put anything in your mouth for 60 mins.

9. Totally normal to think you are going to have a GMO’d kid that weighs 15lbs at birth because of all the sugars your body couldn’t get rid of for her.

10. It goes away the minute your adorable little sugar baby is born.


My Three Go To Postpartum Outfits

Lets be real after you have a baby you don’t automatically shrink back down to your real size. I am not sure what all these Instagram model moms are doing to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight 4 weeks after birth but that has not been the case for me. Everything was looking great at first. In the first 5 days home from the hospital I had lost 18lbs of the 34lbs I had gained.

Then guess what……its been 16 weeks since then and I have not lost a pound. Even with working out and eating somewhat decent the only thing that has happened is that my milk production has gone down. I now have to leave the house every once in awhile so I have found 3 outfits that I feel comfortable and stylish in. The best part is all the pieces are affordable because I have high hopes some day soon this weight won’t be hanging around forever. I also have no shame in the fact I am still rocking my maternity jeans. All links list below.