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10 Things about Gestational Diabetes

Week 26:

“Hello… I’m calling from Dr. Angela’s office and we have some news… you have diabetes.”

Um, what?!

In complete shock, I call my husband, crying. How could they call and tell me that? I was eating a decently clean diet, working out 5-6 days a week and had only gained 15 lbs at the time.

They must have called the wrong person or mixed up the blood vials.

Long story short — they didn’t.

I had failed 4 different tests on top of a family history of diabetes — my father and grand grandfather were both type 2.

After my panic spiral down the rabbit hole of internet research and aggressive questioning of my doctor, here are some facts I learned for all you mamas-to-be.

1. Diabetes IS NOT a death sentence.

2. IT IS 100% genetics.

3. Food and exercise do not always play a part.

4. Testing 4-5 times a day is annoying, be ready to get a 2nd mortgage on your house to buy test strips

5. I’m now convinced fingers actually run out of blood.

6. I could eat a jar of fudge BUT NOT a Quiznos sandwich or half a pancake.

7. Some mamas-to-be can either spike because of just carbs OR just sugars. So figure out which asap so your not miserable 24/7!

8. Set your timer the minute you stop eating for testing purposes, then be the strongest women ever and don’t put anything in your mouth for 60 mins.

9. Totally normal to think you are going to have a GMO’d kid that weighs 15lbs at birth because of all the sugars your body couldn’t get rid of for her.

10. It goes away the minute your adorable little sugar baby is born.