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Current Postpartum Hair Products

I don’t know about you but I was fat, bloated, exhausted and in pain during my pregnancy but my hair was AMAZING. Thick and shiny and then it happened. A couple weeks ago I was in the shower and low and behold tons of it was in my hand. Not thinking too much into it until it happened the next day and the day after that. Postpartum hair loss is real ladies!! I have a few bald spots that I am told will come back after awhile.


So here are a few of my current favorites that I think are helping. We will regrow! Ps the L’Oreal Root Coverup works wonders for bald patches. The Olaplex is my favorite thing on this list. I just put it on like a mask before the shower. If your a new mom I don’t even have to talk about dry shampoo. This one is amazing and leaves you smelling amazing.




My Three Go To Postpartum Outfits

Lets be real after you have a baby you don’t automatically shrink back down to your real size. I am not sure what all these Instagram model moms are doing to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight 4 weeks after birth but that has not been the case for me. Everything was looking great at first. In the first 5 days home from the hospital I had lost 18lbs of the 34lbs I had gained.

Then guess what……its been 16 weeks since then and I have not lost a pound. Even with working out and eating somewhat decent the only thing that has happened is that my milk production has gone down. I now have to leave the house every once in awhile so I have found 3 outfits that I feel comfortable and stylish in. The best part is all the pieces are affordable because I have high hopes some day soon this weight won’t be hanging around forever. I also have no shame in the fact I am still rocking my maternity jeans. All links list below.