The Killing Hour (2009)

\production photos

Every hour, a new body is found. As the countdown begins for the newest victims, a killer reveals his motives that are as complex as a working clock.

Writer/ Director Jordan Pillar
Story Concept Austin Nordell
Assistant Director Brenton Covington
Producer Jordan Pillar
Producer Austin Nordell
Producer Brenton Covington
Executive Producer Jose Rosete
Associate Producer Amanda Mahan
Associate Producer Dominic Ross
Associate Producer Kevin Tye
Associate Producer Corey Vandebos
Director of Photography Austin Nordell
Assistant Camera Alejandro Quintana
2nd Assistant Camera Eric Sayban
Gaffer Javier Gomez
Still Photographer Javier Gomez
Original Score God in a Machine
Editor Austin Nordell

Man Jose Rosete
Interviewer Aaron Burckle
Hostage Noelle Wheeler
Victim Jon Carter
Baby Shaun Peterson