Top 5 Mom Suits

As usual Every Sunday morning I receive a weekly Target ad. I slowly sip my coffee and browse thru all the things I want that week. This week was the offical start to summer with their BOGO half off on swim suits. Now 3 years ago I would have been in the smallest of smalls, letting my tight bum hang out and showing off my abs that I so tirelessly worked so hard for in the kitchen and the gym.  Well guess what ladies those days are long gone. My butt is no longer hard as a rock and my boobs are 8 times bigger and a lot lower not gonna lie, thank you breastfeeding. And don’t even get my started on my stomach. It happens to the best of us and I now have a new best friend that’s 18 months old. I wouldn’t change a thing. But that meant for the first time ever had to find something to wear in the pool every weekend that I felt confident and comfortable in. I was shockingly surprised at the wide variety Target has to offer. I ended up with two of these suits and I’m not disappointed. Well a little because when I got them they weren’t BOGO half off.  Happy shopping mamas. 

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