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Current Favorites I Can’t Live Without

I spend a lot of time trying to find the next best thing. Some are amazing; I can’t live without them. (Some I will never purchase again.) Here’s a list of items I have randomly bought that I am loving right now.

·       Daily Harvest Smoothies — I spend so much money on fruits and veggies that end up going bad and have to be thrown out. Enter the best invention ever. These smoothies are the easiest thing to make. Add your favorite liquid, like water, almond milk, regular milk, or even alcohol (for the days your kids have truly tested your patience). You can use the Promo Code “Hayden” for 3 free cups on your first order.

·       Amazon Fiddle Leaf Tree — This is probably my favorite random find on Amazon. I have ordered so many fake plants over the years and I finally found one that actually looks real. I recently purchased a second one to replace the large plant I keep killing on our patio.

·       Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter — As a busy mom, I have about 5 minutes to do my makeup so I like products that can do multiple things. I can mix this into my foundation, use it as a primer, or even use it as a highlighter. It’s the perfect, easy-to-use product for summer that actually makes you glow without looking like a glitter-bomb hit you in the face.

·       Ergobaby Sleeping Bag — We accidentally left Hayden’s Merlin Magic Sleep Suit at my parents’ house. It was becoming time to transition her out of it anyway so I rushed out to find something new that would hopefully keep her asleep that night, like the suit. It was as though we never transitioned: she didn’t even notice the difference and slept her usual 11 hours.

·       Fitbit Blaze — Hayden and I walk 6-8 miles a day and I love all the health info Fitbit gives you. I normally walk that much just so I can hit a certain amount of steps to feel like I have won a prize. And bonus, it also tracks my sleep, my heart rate, my period, my water intake, and my calories—in and out—for the day.

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Easy Last Minute Gift Ideas

Earlier in the week I teamed up with Big City Moms for a Facebook live video to share all my favorite quick and easy gift ideas for moms, baby and dads. If you’re like me and have waited to the very last minute to get your shopping done, then all of these products can be found in store and on Amazon (2 day shipping).  I have used each of these for awhile and can say they will make great gifts for any new mom or dad.  Happy shopping ladies.




Favorite Target Fall Finds

I might be the only woman on earth that hates Pumpkin Spice.

However, I welcome fall with a little change up of my usual decor instead. While everyone else is drinking pumpkin spice lattes, I enjoy getting cozy in my autumn paradise on the couch with a thick, fuzzy blanket and a glass of wine.  To me, golds, yellows, and oranges always scream crisp air, cuddly nights, and lots of good food.  I love to entertain during the holidays, so anything fall for the kitchen is always on my list. Target has a lot of affordable options to bring a little spice into your house for the holiday season ahead.

They even sell Pumpkin Spice coffee for those who are highly addicted.

Happy shopping……. links below.



Favorite Current Amazon Picks

Let me just start by saying my husband and I disagree about one thing all the time……..Whats in the amazon cart. I have a true obsession. Without a doubt the mail lady shows up at least three times a week with an amazon package. Through trial and error of whats good and whats not, I have narrowed down my favorite buys this summer. My Top pick in this whole list have to be the Mellanni Bed Sheets. $29 bucks! $29 bucks! Don’t get me wrong I was extremely skepitcal. These blew our $150 dollar sheets right out of the water. Did she really put a food item on there?  Yes, yes I did. Game changer ladies and gentlemen. I get it chips are not good for you but sometimes you have to have a few and these make me feel a little less guilty.




DIY Succulent Arrangements


  • Soil- As long as your pot has proper drainage, anything you have laying around will work. My go-to when I have nothing left in my nursery pots is Kellogg Patio Plus

  • Pick your starting point, left or right of center. Because the plants used in this arrangement are around the same size you don’t have to be too picky.

  • Succulents like to be packed together tight! This makes for beautifully knit together arrangements with future little offsets fighting for their space amongst the other succulents.

  • Working with cuttings is a lifesaver when planting close together! It also helps slow down the growth, keeping your arrangement fresher, longer. Avoid watering fresh cuttings for about a week. That way they are able to callus and you don’t have to worry about root rot.

  • Fill in every hole possible! There is nothing more gross than seeing dirt in your arrangement. If you don’t have enough plants, you can get top dressing from your local rock yard or Pea Pebbles from home improvement stores. Both options are inexpensive

  • Make sure to have a variety of textures and colors that play off one another for a party-stopping arrangement.

  • Important note- typically, awesome succulent varieties like these can only tolerate morning sun in warmer climates. If you see sunburn starting to form, provide protection and maybe an extra drink during the week to make their leave supple. Be careful to avoid over-watering because they will get pissed at you and DIE





Hayden Presley Nursery Tour



Picture this:

You’re 6 months pregnant, just bought your first home, and there’s a small, empty bedroom, perfect for a nursery. You’ve been pinning on Pinterest more than any normal person could ever handle. All the baby excitement has you overwhelmed with joy and grand, show-stopping nursery ideas.
Then, insert Boring, Practical Husband, standing over your shoulder, reminding you, “Um… we only have a $1200 budget.”

What’s a girl with a new mortgage ever to do!?



$1200 wasn’t going to stand in the way of my Pinterest Dream Nursery. Being someone that has always been able find stylish deals on a small budget, I was up for the challenge. While I’ve enjoyed DIY projects in the past, let’s be real, between having bouts of vertigo, stress, and exhaustion, DIY wasn’t going to happen. I was going to have to dig really deep for deals. I was very fortunate to receive a lot of  the small items as gifts.

I wanted the room to be cozy and yet modern, with a little touch of femininity. When it came to the changing table, I knew it had to be practical and something that would leave most items within reaching distance. Of course, an oversized nursing chair was must, so that was my one splurge.



It turned out exactly how I wanted. Click on links listed below for purchase.