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Last summer I received an email from a company I had never heard of. L’ange. They wanted to send me some products, and if I liked them, do a Facebook Live on how I liked to use them. I was skeptical because I have crazy, curly unruly hair. Most products I have bought over the years are still sitting in my bathroom, 90 percent full.

Flash forward to today… I have repurchased multiple products from L’ange. That is unheard of for me.

The best part about this company is you can log on to Facebook at any time and watch someone doing their hair. And no, it’s not a professional hairstylist, it’s just an average person, like you or me.

They carry everything hair-related you could ever need: hot tools, shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and their newest item, hair extensions. Hands down, my favorite item is the Satin Nectar Nourishing Gloss. It takes my hair from crazy and frizzy to smooth and shiny. Their curling wands are also amazing. When I find the time in between naps and playtime to curl my hair, I know it’s worth it because it will last for days.

A little tip when purchasing a wand, there are two types: titanium is made for hard-to-curl hair and ceramic is for hair that holds curl easily. The Le Reve straightener is great for all you postpartum mamas, like me, that have a lot of regrowth around your face because the straightener is compact enough that it can really get the smaller pieces.

Happy shopping, Mamas!

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