Stranded on a Deserted Island- 5 Beauty must haves

The first thing I do once Hayden goes down for a nap is scroll through my Instagram stories. One recently caught my eye: @courtney_shields inspired me to really think about what my favorite must-have-or-I’ll-die items are. She posed the question: “If you could only bring 5 makeup items to a desert island, what would you bring?” She added that a razor and deodorant were already included, and then–plot twist–you would be with a guy or girl you like. 

 First thing that came to mind was my Dior Mascara. Hands down, the best mascara I have ever tried. 

 I am not sure if hair products were included in this, but what I know is my hair has a mind of its own. With no blowdryer, I would have to have an oil of some kind so I wouldn’t scare my crush onto the next island.

 Now the true dilemma: a BB cream or the cult favorite,                                        

Hula Bronzer? I think being on an island I would already be tan so I’m going to go with my ride-or-die BareMinerals Complexion Rescue tinted moisturizer. It also has SPF in it, so now I am set with that too. 

 I am going to assume my lips would be dry, and based on the fact I’m obsessed with lip gloss, I would have to bring one with me. (I’m also going to assume that this island has no mirror; I don’t know about you, but I need one to do my brows so a brow gel is out.) 

And finally, a little bit of highlighting cream can be used for the apples of my cheeks, maybe as some eyeshadow, and for my shoulders, and duh, to highlight my décolletage.

 I am going to leave the actual survival stuff up to my crush because I will be too busy putting on makeup.


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