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Favorite Target Maternity Finds

Shopping has always been my favorite activity in life. I assumed that when I got pregnant I was going to dress my bump to nine. Nope! When you’re exhausted, huge, uncomfortable and don’t wear a size 2 anymore the last thing on my mind was shopping. I spent the last few months in my husband underwear. On occasion I would have to put on our real clothes and I didn’t want to spend a ton for something I wouldn’t be wearing long. Target has upped its clothing game and I was able to find a lot of really inexpensive easy to wear pieces. These were my everyday causal favorites that didn’t break the bank.





Top Mommy Nordstrom Sale Picks

I looked forward to my wedding day, moving into our first home, the birth of our first child, BUT there is an extra special level of excitement I get when looking forward to the few days a year I can shop my favorite, yearly staples at a discount.

I get it —  these sales exist because it’s crap they don’t have room for anymore in their warehouses. But if you’re patient and sift through all that horrible stuff no one should ever wear, you can actually find stuff that will pretty much go with anything: whether you’re dressing ‘homeless mommy chic’ (aka yoga pants/mom bun/no sleep in 3 days) or you miraculously have an extra 10 mins and can actually put on cute jeans, boots and brush your before you put it in a bun.

Here are my top picks.




My Three Go To Postpartum Outfits

Lets be real after you have a baby you don’t automatically shrink back down to your real size. I am not sure what all these Instagram model moms are doing to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight 4 weeks after birth but that has not been the case for me. Everything was looking great at first. In the first 5 days home from the hospital I had lost 18lbs of the 34lbs I had gained.

Then guess what……its been 16 weeks since then and I have not lost a pound. Even with working out and eating somewhat decent the only thing that has happened is that my milk production has gone down. I now have to leave the house every once in awhile so I have found 3 outfits that I feel comfortable and stylish in. The best part is all the pieces are affordable because I have high hopes some day soon this weight won’t be hanging around forever. I also have no shame in the fact I am still rocking my maternity jeans. All links list below.