Hayden Presley Nursery Tour



Picture this:

You’re 6 months pregnant, just bought your first home, and there’s a small, empty bedroom, perfect for a nursery. You’ve been pinning on Pinterest more than any normal person could ever handle. All the baby excitement has you overwhelmed with joy and grand, show-stopping nursery ideas.
Then, insert Boring, Practical Husband, standing over your shoulder, reminding you, “Um… we only have a $1200 budget.”

What’s a girl with a new mortgage ever to do!?



$1200 wasn’t going to stand in the way of my Pinterest Dream Nursery. Being someone that has always been able find stylish deals on a small budget, I was up for the challenge. While I’ve enjoyed DIY projects in the past, let’s be real, between having bouts of vertigo, stress, and exhaustion, DIY wasn’t going to happen. I was going to have to dig really deep for deals. I was very fortunate to receive a lot of  the small items as gifts.

I wanted the room to be cozy and yet modern, with a little touch of femininity. When it came to the changing table, I knew it had to be practical and something that would leave most items within reaching distance. Of course, an oversized nursing chair was must, so that was my one splurge.



It turned out exactly how I wanted. Click on links listed below for purchase.


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