Top Mommy Nordstrom Sale Picks

I looked forward to my wedding day, moving into our first home, the birth of our first child, BUT there is an extra special level of excitement I get when looking forward to the few days a year I can shop my favorite, yearly staples at a discount.

I get it —  these sales exist because it’s crap they don’t have room for anymore in their warehouses. But if you’re patient and sift through all that horrible stuff no one should ever wear, you can actually find stuff that will pretty much go with anything: whether you’re dressing ‘homeless mommy chic’ (aka yoga pants/mom bun/no sleep in 3 days) or you miraculously have an extra 10 mins and can actually put on cute jeans, boots and brush your before you put it in a bun.

Here are my top picks.




Top Baby Pick From Nordstrom Sale

This is my favorite time of the year. The Nordstrom Annual Sale!

 Not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of their baby clothing like I am of their adult items. But I LOVE their baby accessories and strollers, etc. I have every single item on here; my husband and I love and can recommend them all.
I was beyond excited to see the Nuna Rava Car seat on the website. Brent and I were literally just discussing getting a new one because lil’ miss is growing out of her Nuna Pipa infant car seat. That will definitely be going in my cart first.
Stay tuned for more of my mommy picks.





5 Minute Mom Makeup Routine

If you’re like me and have no time to do anything during the day with a newborn, like pee or let alone put on makeup, I got you covered. Through trial and error (running to the bathroom mirror before my child 3 feet away notices I am not paying attention to her), I have come up with the perfect, quick and easy make-up routine, so all us mamas don’t have to look dead from our lack of sleep and abundance of stress when we leave the house.  Making it super easy — all products are linked below in the slide bar. Not gonna lie, I accidently put lanolin nipple cream on my lips once; turns out it’s an amazing lip gloss.



Tip of the week

Tip Of The Week


You Don’t need a thousand things. Don’t go on a shopping spree buying things for every need (real or perceived) for your baby before you have had a chance to get to know your little one for at least a month or two.


Current Postpartum Hair Products

I don’t know about you but I was fat, bloated, exhausted and in pain during my pregnancy but my hair was AMAZING. Thick and shiny and then it happened. A couple weeks ago I was in the shower and low and behold tons of it was in my hand. Not thinking too much into it until it happened the next day and the day after that. Postpartum hair loss is real ladies!! I have a few bald spots that I am told will come back after awhile.


So here are a few of my current favorites that I think are helping. We will regrow! Ps the L’Oreal Root Coverup works wonders for bald patches. The Olaplex is my favorite thing on this list. I just put it on like a mask before the shower. If your a new mom I don’t even have to talk about dry shampoo. This one is amazing and leaves you smelling amazing.




DIY Succulent Arrangements


  • Soil- As long as your pot has proper drainage, anything you have laying around will work. My go-to when I have nothing left in my nursery pots is Kellogg Patio Plus

  • Pick your starting point, left or right of center. Because the plants used in this arrangement are around the same size you don’t have to be too picky.

  • Succulents like to be packed together tight! This makes for beautifully knit together arrangements with future little offsets fighting for their space amongst the other succulents.

  • Working with cuttings is a lifesaver when planting close together! It also helps slow down the growth, keeping your arrangement fresher, longer. Avoid watering fresh cuttings for about a week. That way they are able to callus and you don’t have to worry about root rot.

  • Fill in every hole possible! There is nothing more gross than seeing dirt in your arrangement. If you don’t have enough plants, you can get top dressing from your local rock yard or Pea Pebbles from home improvement stores. Both options are inexpensive

  • Make sure to have a variety of textures and colors that play off one another for a party-stopping arrangement.

  • Important note- typically, awesome succulent varieties like these can only tolerate morning sun in warmer climates. If you see sunburn starting to form, provide protection and maybe an extra drink during the week to make their leave supple. Be careful to avoid over-watering because they will get pissed at you and DIE





Dairy Free Starbucks Dupe

I don’t know about you but jumping in the car everyday to go to Starbucks isn’t as easy as it use to be. When I found out my child had a dairy allergy, My favorite Bullet Proof coffee with my beloved butter was no longer an option. After a very long morning of tears, blows outs and melt downs I rummaged through my fridge and came up with this concoction.



1 Kcup your choice of flavor ( I like Vanilla nut)

Few drops of Hazelnut sugar free Coffee Enhancer

1 Teaspoon Silk Almond Sweet & Creamy Creamer

1/4 cup Califia Farms Unsweetened Almond Milk or Pecan MALK Organics nut milk

Sprinkle of cinnamon



Fill glass with ice all the way to the top, pour all other ingredients, stir and top with cinnamon.